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8th World Leaders Autograph Society Meeting

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel Holiday, Zmaja od Bosne 4, Sarajevo

12th – 14th of August 2022

We hereby invite all members of WLAS to our annual meeting. Sarajevo was in Sofia democratic elected to be the host for our 8th meeting in August 2022. Because of the bad situation with the coronavirus around the world we decided to postpone the annual meeting from august 2020 to august 2022. The place of meeting is valid.

The programme is not prepared yet, we have reserved the conference room for Saturday 13th of August 2022 in Hotel Holiday. All participants will receive the programme via email before the meeting. The basic schedule is similar like years before, it will be changed according the situation:


Friday, 12th of August 2022

06:00pm            socializing and dinner

Saturday, 13th of August 2022

10:00am              meeting with our guest - discussion, photos, autographs

12:00am              lunch with our guest in the hotel restaurant

03:00pm              main meeting

06:00pm*            dinner     

Sunday, 14th of August 2022

10:00am              city tour or any other common or individual activity

*1 guest + dinner in a local restaurantfriday or saturday evening (not decided yet)


As usually we try to invite to our meetings former or current world leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope there will be a great success as last years in Minsk and Sofia.

If you want to stay at the Hotel Holiday, you may book via the hotel webpage (see below). Please note, that at the same time in Sarajevo will be organized the international film festival.


All participants have to pay 20 EUR in advance (if they did not pay in 2020) via PayPal - please use the general email wlas2013@gmail.com. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Rune Moe (rune.moe@gmail.com).

If you are going to participate, please write to Mr. Jan Syvertsen (jan.syvertsen@gmail.com) and inform him about your attendance in Sarajevo. The deadline for your attendance and for your payment of 20EUR is the 30th of June 2022.

It is very important to know, how many members will participate because of organisation of the meeting. We can inform the possible guests and organize all what will be needed. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to have a lecture during the main meeting or if you have any idea, what should be a part of the programme, please, contact the organisers of this meeting via email or via FB.

Organisers of the 8th meeting:

                                                       Jan Syvertsen                                            Michal Dominik

                                                 Postboks 5560 Voiebyen                                              Zvolenská 1/165
                                                       4677 Kr.Sand                                                       SK-01008 Žilina
                                                             Norway                                                          Slovak Republic

jan.syvertsen@gmail.com                                             michal.dominik@chello.sk

                                                             +4741622748                                                      +42190843802

We hope there will be another memorable weekend and we hope to have some interesting meetings with former world leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We are looking forward to meet you in person in Sarajevo


                                                                           Jan Syvertsen                     Michal Dominik

                                                                             President of WLAS                                                                                                  

updated on 21st of April 2022