Prominent feedback

The politicians and diplomats who mentioned WLAS in their letters, dedications, greetings etc.

Pope Francis, Holy See - Karen Vilhelmi Karapetyan, ArmeniaKris PeetersBelgium -Georges Rebelo Chicoti, Angola - Petr Nečas, Czech Rep. - Ľubomír Rehák, Slovakia - Ilyas Akhmadov, Chechen Rep. - Zdenka Kramplová, Slovakia - Andy Keeling, Falkland Islands - Richard Brendan Dick SpringIreland 

Pope Francis

Head of the Catholic Church and of the Vatican City State (2013-

signed book from the collection of David

                     +                                                                                                                                          Nos                                                                                                                   A David y a WLAS, con un cordial  saludo, mi bendición y pidiéndoles que recen por mi,


                                                  Francisco 21-3-2018
                                                                                   (rewrited by friend from Colombia)
To David Červenka and to WLAS, with a warm greeting, my blessing and asking you to pray for me,
                                                    Franciscus 21-3-2018
                                                                            (translated by friend from Colombia)

Karen Vilhelmi Karapetyan

Prime Minister of Armenia (2016-2018, 2018-2018)

signed letter from the collection of Michal Dominik

Georges Rebelo Chicoti

Foreign Minister of Angola (2010-2017)

Petr Nečas

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (2006-2009)

To Michal Dominik wishing much success for the project of WLAS

                                                                                                     Petr Nečas         

Richard Brendan "Dick" Spring

Foreign Minister of Ireland (1993-1994, 1994-1997)

Ľubomír Rehák

Slovak diplomat


"Impressive collections - good for refreshing memory about distinguished personalities of history and contemporary politics of the world. Good luck in enlarging your autographs collection (I am glad I could help to Michal to obtain some of them among my colleagues)"

                      (comments written by Mr Ambassador on 13.12.2021, removed from the guestbook)

Ilyas Akhmadov

Foreign Minister of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (1999-2005)

Zdenka Kramplová

Foreign Minister of Slovakia (1997-1998)

signed letter from the collection of Michal Dominik

....... I am very glad that you are able to join people with the common interests in the group WLAS. I am sure every positive cooperation helps to better the relationships among people and nations. The cornerstone of the foreign policy of small as well as big sovereign countries should always be cooperation for the benefit of the mankind, Mother Nature and our planet. In the future the mankind cannot succeed and develop without this kind of cooperation.

I wish you a lot of success and many supporters to fulfill effectively your mission in the group WLAS as well as with the international cooperation.

                                                                    (free translation by Michal Dominik)

Kris Peeters

Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium (2014-2019), Prime Minister of Flanders (2007-2014)

Andy Keeling

Chief Minister of the Falkland Islands (2021- )