2013 - Krakow‚ Poland



Krakow, Poland

12th July 2013

hosted by: Maciej Olbert from Poland

written by: Rune Moe from Norway

participants: Jan Syvertsen from Norway

                                                                            Rune Moe from Norway

                                             Michal Dominik from Slovakia

                                             Maciej Olbert from Poland



The “World Leaders Autograph Society” has existed as a Facebook group for a while. This is a group for collectors of autographs of leaders of the world, where we help each other with addresses and post scans of our successes.

The very first meeting took place at the Chopin Hotel in Krakow, Poland, Friday 12 of July 2013. The host was Polish collector Maciej Olbert from Wroclaw, Poland. We were only four persons at this meeting but it was certainly a great experience changing autographs and experiences. The other participants were Michal Dominik from Zilina, Slovakia, Jan Syvertsen from Kristiansand, Norway and ADA-member Rune Moe from Tønsberg, Norway.

During the weekend we also experienced the wonderful cities of Krakow and Wroclaw, and the sad but historical Auschwitz and Birkenau museums.

We are already planning that the 2nd meeting will be in Oslo, Norway, in July 2014. There will maybe be a visit to the Nobel Peace Center and probably the Parliament  - “Stortinget”.